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Home and Commercial Fuel Tank Cleaning/Polishing

Removing a domestic or commercial fuel storage tank can be extremely costly if you discover contaminated fuel. A cost effective alternative to this is fuel cleaning or polishing which we offer throughout Cornwall.

On average a domestic or commercial fuel tank clean for one tank will cost around £300.00 this price will be less for smaller amounts of contamination and will depend upon the number of fuel filters used during the fuel cleaning process. If you have more than one fuel tank the cost after the initial tank clean will be a labour only change at £45.00p/hr for the time it takes to recycle the fuel plus filters at £20.50 each.

Fuel problems, dirty fuel, contaminated fuel, blocked filters, stuck injectors, internal corrosion, reduced horsepower or even engine failure can be caused by a microscopic fungus, Cladisporium Resinae or the ‘bug’ or ‘diesel bug’. Our mobile fuel tank cleaning unit recycles and cleans your tanks fuel so no diesel is wasted, used in conjunction with Wessex Marinised Morendo additive removes contaminants and water from the fuel system.

For domestic oil storage problems in home heating oil tanks or commercial oil storage tanks with heat loss or appliance burners not staying lit and you suspect water in your storage tank then give us a ring.

  • The only fuel loss is the contaminated fuel, clean fuel is returned to the fuel tank
  • This cleaning process removes the dreaded diesel fuel bug
  • We have removed 25 gallons of water from one domestic fuel tank alone!
  • We have cleaned campsite/holiday let tanks, commercial haulage diesel storage tanks, domestic heating oil tanks, standby generator tanks, crane fuel tanks and marine fuel tanks